J.C. Ryle: What is the role of the New Testament pastor?

20 12 2011

Now here is a lively emblem of the work which a true minister of the New Testament is meant to do.  He is not a mediator between God and man.  He has no power to put away sin, or impart grace.  His whole business is to receive the bread of life which his Master provides, and to distribute it among the souls among whom he labours.  He cannot make men value the bread, or receive it.  He cannot make it soul-saving, or life-giving, to any one.  This is not his work.  For this he is not responsible.  His whole business is to be a faithful distributor of the food which his Divine Master has provided; and that done, his office is discharged.

J.C. Ryle, Expository Thoughts on the Gospels vol III, John chap VI pg 325