J.C. Ryle: The Gospel and Personal Joy

25 01 2012

True religion was never meant to make men melancholy. On the contrary, it was intended to increase real joy and happiness among men…The Christian who withdraws entirely from the society of his fellow-men, and walks the earth with a face as melancholy as if he was always attending a funeral, does injury to the cause of the Gospel… It is a real misfortune to Christianity when a Christian cannot smile. A merry heart, and a readiness to take part in all innocent mirth, are gifts of inestimable value. They go far to soften prejudices, to take up stumbling-blocks out of the way, and to make way for Christ and the Gospel.

J.C. Ryle, Expository Thoughts on John’s Gospel

John Calvin: A comfort to wandering Christians

11 01 2012

Commenting on John 1.43-51 Calvin writes:

“We ought also to gather from this passage a useful doctrine, that when we are not thinking of Christ, we are observed by him; and it is necessary that it should be so, so that he may bring us back, when we have wandered from the right path.”

John Calvin, Commentary on John’s Gospel