Blaise Pascal: how would you go about proving the existence of God?

20 12 2011

Perhaps slightly more wearying than the philosophically weak attacks on religion mounted by the “New Atheists” are the equally weak attempts by many Christians to reconcile religious texts to current views on science (click here for an example).  As Pascal points out below, the canonical writers (Biblical authors) never use nature to prove God.  Time and time again the authors of the New Testament focus their attention on one thing to prove the existence of God.  So here’s the question…what was it that they appealed to?

“I wonder at the hardihood with which such persons undertake to talk about God.  In a treatise addressed to infidels (unbelievers) they begin with a chapter proving the existence of God from the works of Nature…this only gives their readers grounds for thinking that the proofs of our religion are very weak…It is a remarkable fact that no canonical (Biblical)  writer has ever used Nature to prove God.”

-Pascal.  Pensees, IV, 242, 243