John Calvin and Church Planting

10 04 2013

From Winfield Bevins over at Kardia

It is widely known that John Calvin was a theological giant of his day.  However, what is little known about the reformer is his influence on international church planting.  From 1555 until the time of his death in 1564 he concentrated on sending missionaries into France.

What followed was a church planting movement of epic proportions.  During this time, eighty-eight preachers were sent from Geneva into France to plant churches.  At least nine of them would become martyrs.  Only seven years after the work began, there were over 2000 Reformed churches in France!  Protestants eventually numbered over two million people out of Frances twenty million population.

Growth was not without a great price.  Fierce persecution followed and in 1572, seventy thousand Protestants lost their lives causing a mass exodus of Protestants from France.  These refugees planted thousands of churches through Western Europe and eventually the United States.

John Calvin left a great legacy of academic achievement, doctrinal integrity, and missionary zeal.  He also deserves to be remembered as the father of a great missionary church planting movement that influenced the world for Christ.

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2 responses

10 04 2013

Rob. U r wrong. Everyone knows that John Calvin believed that only the elect got saved and he didn’t care about evangelism. Check ur facts.

17 04 2013
Greg Shore

I always suspected the Citadel didn’t demand the best from her cadets. Iain’s willingness to use the same abbreviations as my texting obsessed 14-year-old niece simply confirms my suspicions.

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