Martin Luther: The Great Work of the Christian

14 03 2013

Challenging words from the good doctor:

A truly Christian work is it that we descend and get mixed up in the mire of the sinner as deeply as he sticks there himself, taking his sin upon ourselves and floundering out of it with him, not acting otherwise than as if his sin were our own.  We should rebuke and deal with him in earnest; yet we are not to despise but sincerely love him.  If you are proud toward the sinner and despise him, you are utterly damned.

-Martin Luther, Church Postil 2.261




One response

14 03 2013
Query Susanne

Rob, thank you for these words, poignant as I am teaching on “forgive us our debts AS we forgive our debtors” this Sunday at MPPC. I love the words of NT Wright also: “Having received God’s forgiveness themselves, they were to practice it among themselves. Not to do so would mean they hadn’t grasped what was going on. As soon as a (follower of Jesus) refuses to forgive a fellow member, he or she is saying in effect, ‘I don’t think the Kingdom has arrived. I don’t think Forgiveness of Sins has actually occurred.’ Failure to forgive one another isn’t a failure to live up to a new bit of moral teaching. It is cutting off the branch you are sitting upon…” Thank you again for the transformational experience in “Intro to Christian Spirituality” at Ridley. God has blessed us mightily through your faith. In Christ’ love, Susanne Query

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