Thomas Watson: A Scrapbook of God’s Grace

21 03 2012

Below an excerpt from Thomas Watson’s powerful The Great Gain of Godliness.  Following a section where Watson has encouraged us to remember our sins, that we might know the magnitude of God’s mercy, here he encourages us to keep a book of remembrance, or as I have called it above “a scrapbook” of God’s grace.  How different would our Christian discipleship look if we trained people to  focus on God’s goodness towards them as opposed to their goodness towards him?

If God records our services, then let us record his mercies; let us have our book of remembrances.  A Christian should keep two books always beside him; one to write his sins in, that he may be humble; the other to write God’s mercies in, that he may be thankful.  David had his book of remembrance: ‘He appointed certain Levites…to record, and to thank and praise the Lord God of Israel’ (1 Chron 16.4).  We should keep a book to record God’s mercies- though I think it will be hard to get a book big enough to hold them.  At such and such a time we were straitened circumstances, and God supplied us; at another time under sadness of spirit, and God dropped in the oil of gladness; at another near death, and God miraculously restored us.  If God be mindful of what we do for him, shall not we be mindful of what he does for us?  God’s mercies, like jewels, are too good to be lost:  get a book of remembrance.

-Thomas Watson, The Great Gain of Godliness pg 108 (Banner of Truth Trust: 2008)



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21 03 2012
Pitter Caswell

I recommend One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp…on the NY Times Best Seller list…story of how one woman’s life was changed forever when she started recorded thanksgivings. I gave Stephanie a copy when you left Myrtle Beach. Miss you guys.

21 03 2012


How nice to hear from you! I remember seeing that book in a package you gave to us. By the way, you also gave us that Bunyan DVD, and the Pilgrim’s Progress for children. David LOVES those. We’ve watched the DVD many times, and have read through P.P. at least five times since you gave it to us. Miss you Pitter! You blessed our family so much.

21 03 2012
Pitter Caswell

Consider reading One Thousand Gifts. Reading it with other Trinity West women now in a book study (my second read). This is not just a book for women, however. Powerful personal testimony about how a life was transformed by keeping a book of remembrances (thanksgivings)…giving thanks in all circumstances…entering his courts with thanksgiving….I started my own book…life changing!

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