D.A. Carson: If the Bible cannot be seen as historically accurate, is Christianity a bust?

26 01 2012

There is a profound sense in which the nature of God’s gracious self-manifestation, taking place in ordinary history (however spectacular or miraculous some elements of that revelation may be), ensures that there can be no escape from historical enquiry.  If Jesus Christ never lived, Christianity is destroyed; if he never died on the cross, Christianity is destroyed; if he never rose from the dead, Christianity is destroyed.  However much the ultimate object of Christian faith is God, that faith is incoherent if it affirms a faith in the God of the Bible but not in the God who according to the Bible discloses himself in history that is largely accessible and testable.

-D.A. Carson, Collected Writings on Scripture pg 24



One response

27 01 2012

Bart Ehrmann would say so. Bart’s age old argument refreshed for the modern college student in “Jesus, Interrupted”, and “Misquoting Jesus” is that through transmission errors were made. Textual variants you brainiacs call them. However, non of the thousands of variants change the meaning or essential doctrines of the faith. In several debates it is clear that BE would only believe in the accuracy of scripture from 1961 onward. That happens to be the year that the photocopier machine as we know it was invented. Jesus entered history at the right time because the Bible tells us so. Interesting that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit collaborated to enter history before the technological age.

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