What are the essential elements of a revival?

20 12 2011

I’m not sure to be honest, although I think I could take a stab at it.  Nevertheless, below are the four essentials of the great Welsh revival of the 18th century.  I found number two particularly convicting as the Gospel that does not include regeneration (the new birth, new creation, etc.) is really only half the Gospel (if that!).  Perhaps the only thing I would ask to this list is prayer.  Would you add anything?

  1. A bold forward spirit, which dared to oppose untruth and extravagance in a determined and public manner.
  2. A clear proclamation of evangelical truths from war, passionate hearts.  In particular, the necessity of regeneration and of the work of the Holy Spirit were emphasized.
  3. The ministry of unordained men, if they possessed preaching skills.
  4. A loving care for the converted, particularly by means of the societies (i.e. small groups)

taken from Jones and Morgan’s The Calvinistic Methodist Fathers of Wales Vol I. pg 17



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